Interacting with Postgres community

March 25, 2019
PostgreSQL Hacking

When I published on Twitter that my first code patch (you know, the one about hyperbolic functions) was pushed into Postgres core and that it will be shipped in Postgres 12, I was surprised by an anwser. The guy was basically saying “How did you managed to do that, I’ve written tons of patches and couldn’t manage to have one pushed into Postgres git repo.”

I will suppose this guy was genuily asking the question and wanted an answer because the only other possibility I got for this message is that the guy was implying Postgres committters weren’t fair with him and that I had somehow profited of some kind of favoritism which I haven’t (Just read the thread here if you don’t think so).

So, here are my advices to help your patch being pushed into Postgres core:

Voil√†! That’s all I could think of. Maybe I’d add other items in the list later.

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