Triggers: reading other opinions

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Hello folks,

This small post is about PGSQL Phriday #007, the “trigger” PGSQL Friday. I’m very happy that this challenge “triggered” so many discussions that a French friend of mine asked what was all this trend for blog posts about triggers!

Let’s look at the points of view I noticed:

  • Ryan Booz explained his Love/Hate Relationship with triggers.
  • Michael Christofides explains how Postgres does use triggers internally and how explain will give you how much time your query spent on triggers
  • Hari Kiran gave a list of best practicies related to triggers
  • dian m fay explains that “triggers are the acme of database programming”
  • I explained why I’m relunctant to let developers even know triggers exist

I think we had a fun discussing that SQL feature. It was great to have other points of view! If I missed your blogpost on that topic, I apologize and I hope you won’t take it against me. I hope you had fun too adn I hope I’ll read your point of view on the next PGSQL Phriday event!