PGSQL Phriday #015: UUID: let's fight!

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Today, I’m very proud and honored to host for the second time the great monthly PGSQL Phriday event! It’s sometimes difficult to find a great topic and I like the kind of topics where there is no consensus. This one is a little particular: in my humble opinion, the database community has a consensus, it’s that developers don’t agree.`

Let’s organize a debate between database people and developers! I hope this will lead to great conversation and better understanding between those two groups!

The challenge 🔗

Without further ado, here is the topic of the month: UUID! In particular, I’d like to hear about (feel free to embrace the subject and not follow this guide):

  • Your use case (why do you absolutely need them)
  • The problems you encountered (including performance issues and how you solved them)
  • what kind of UUID do you use?
  • what are your internal rules about them (all UUIDs, mix between regular IDs and UUIDs, no IDs) and how and why you came up with
  • UUIDs with sharding
  • sorting UUIDs
  • extension you might use
  • any other thing related to UUIDs

Some rules 🔗

The official rules are summarized here.

  • Publish your blog post about “UUID” by Friday, February 2nd, 2024 (as it’s FOSDEM, I might be a little more flexible about the deadline)
  • Include “PGSQL Phriday #015” in the title or first paragraph of the blog posting
  • Link back to this blog post

Announce your blog post in one or any of these places:

  • Twitter (or Mastodon) using the #PGSQLPhriday hashtag
  • PostgreSQL Slack in the #PGSQLPhriday channel
  • Interact with other blog posts about this topic